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Hotel City Palace, the hotel in Dwarka
Hotel City Palace, Pakwan Dinning Hall
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Trilokya Sunder Jagat Mandir is 4 meters high a flag of 40 meters flagged over 800 times a year by Pilgrims & by giving meals to (Gugali) Brahmins named after Gopal's name Gugali from Gopal saurashtra names. However Brahmins are satisfied by a token of Rs. 1/- to Rs. 2/- instead of a meal. This temple contains inscription at the first floor in KHAROSHTI script with a map of ancient Dwarka scribing "repairs" of temple done in sacred memory of son KHAROSHHTI SCRIPT / LANGUAGE extincted 2400 years ago was replaced by BHRHMD. It is suggested that SABHAMANDAP is over 2400 years old. VAJRANBHA constructed several SMRITI-CHARTS (small doms in memory of his ancestors Anirudha / Pradyumma / Lord Krishna / Balram / Vasudev / Ugrasen & Satyaki, 3500 years ago, over which later temple was built. That is why Garbhagriva & Sikhar of the main temple were built as if it was encroached upon sabhamandap. This temple structuring is unique. It is built with out use of lime or cement, each lintel & pillers weighing over tons even the stars on each floor is carved from one stone. Later it was repaired in eleventh century full of solanki architecture.

Visiting Places at Dwarka - Jagat Mandir, Gomati Ghat, Krishna Ghat
Visiting Places at Dwarka
Sangam Ghat Ram Ghat Durvasha Ghat Narayanbali Ghat
Narsinh Ghat Hanuman Ghat Satyanarayan Ghat Gao Ghat
Govind Ghat Rushi Ghat Mira Ghat Sati Ghat
Ganga-Parvati Ghat Surya Ghat Gomati Ghat Krishna Ghat
Gomati river starts from Mul Gomta Hillock where Maha Prabhuji Vallabhacharya did his fourth visit to Dwarka. This river starts from Gomati Kund at Mul-Gomta (Bhavda Bethak) then turns west from Panch Kunj (five sweet water wells) Laxminarayan temple having 12 Ghats constructed for pilgrims to take holy deep in Gomati rever having various shiv temple, pandev doms, Meerabai's Girdhar temple, Satya Narayan, Ramchandraji, Laxminarayan & Varun temples are main temples on the Ghats, starting from Harikund / Gomati Mataji / Damodarji temple & Mahaprabhuji's first bethak.
Gomati Ghat
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